Quality Assurance

A strong quality assurance and control department is essential to ensure the successful completion of any project.

Whether it is ensuring that control rods in a nuclear reactor will move smoothly, or checking that the weld joint on a rocketmotor is strong enough to withstand a journey to outer space, our quality assurance department is committed to meeting the stringent requirements laid out by our customers.

Right from the raw material inspection and testing phase, our engineers painstaikingly monitor every step of the manufacturing process, making sure that desired quality standards are achieved.

Destructive Testing

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Our testing laboratory has a 200kN universal testing machine with a class B2 extensometer for strain measurements. We also have an impact testing machine.

Specifications of Universal Testing Machine (UTM):

  • Model RKUTE-20
  • Maximum Capacity 200 KN
  • Range 0 to 200 KN                    
  • Accuracy of Measurement ± 1.0 % (Across measuring range)   
  • Clearance for tensile test 50-700                                     
  • Piston Movement 0.1 mm      
  • Extensometer B2 Class

Non Destructive Testing

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We have numerous facilities for non destructive testing to cover all requirements:

  • X-ray Machine
  • Well Equipped Dark Rooms in Unit I & III
  • Pit Room for storage of RE source
  • Film Viewers & Densitometer for RE Films
  • Helium Leak Examination
  • Ultrasonic Examination
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination

Optical Measurement

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Our LEICA optical laser tracker is used for various applicatins where precise measurements are required. It is capable of measuring different kinds of geometrical properties like flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, circularity, cylindricity etc. We have used this laser tracker for ensuring that the guide rails for a roll-on shield for a reactor are perfectly flat, and checking that the ovality and verticality of a metallic canister is within the specified tolerance


  • Absolute Distance Performance
  • Resolution: 0.1 μm
  • Accuracy (MPE): +/- 10 μm (+/- 0.00039”)
  • Repeatability (MPE): +/- 5 μm (+/- 0.0002”)


  • Infinite Horizontal Rotation: +/-360˚
  • Infinite Vertical Rotation: +/- 145˚
  • Typical Working Volume (ø): 320 m
  • Environmental
  • Dust/Water: IP54
  • Operating Temperature: 0˚C to +40˚C
  • Relative Humidity: Max. 95%
  • Altitude: -700 to 5500 m