Under Water Trolley

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Under Water Trolley is a machine used to transfer the spent sub assembly (SSA) or water filled container with failed SA or nitrogen filled container with absorber SA or shielding SA, one at a time, from the Spent SA Exit Port (SSEP) in FTC to the Spent Sub assembly Storage Bay (SSSB), 9m deep underwater, for cooling or shipping to further processing.

The Under Water Trolley system consists of:

  1. Guide structure
  2. Trolley
  3. Drive mechanism
  4. Locking arrangement
  5. Platform

Construction details

Material: SS 304L & SS 410

Dimensions: 12m x 2m x 9m

Total Weight: 80 Tonnes

Critical aspects

  • The trolley moves under water at an angle of 26.7 degree. Rail middle support columns mounted on stand pipes were aligned to exactly 26.7° along the entire 12 m length
  • The trolley movement between loading & unloading point is continuously monitored by the diverse position measurement system. The operation is remotely controlled by SCADA