Spent Fuel Storage Tray Assemblies and Bay Tool Assemblies

  •    NPCIL
  •    Rajasthan 7 &8 and Kakrapara 3& 4
  •    Nuclear Division


The spent fuel tray system receives fuel bundles from mobile transfer machine. The trays can be guided and located over each other and accurately located on tray loading machine for loading of spent fuel assemblies.

The spent fuel storage tray assemblies consist of:

  1. Spent fuel bundle storage tray assembly (1000+1000)
  2. Canned bundle storage tray (10+10)
  3. Cage for spent fuel bundle storage tray (4+4)

Bay tool assemblies consist of spent fuel tray lifting tool assemblies, sealing cover/tray lifting tool assemblies, spent fuel pencil lifting tool assembly, etc.

Construction details

Material: SS 304 L

Critical aspects

  • 10 prototypes manufactured and tested for establishment of manufacturing process and tolerances