Heavy water upgradation plant & waste management package

  •    NPCIL
  •      RAPP 7&8, Rajasthan
  •      EPC Package
  •     Nuclear Division


The EPC Package includes:

  • 1. Heavy water upgradation plant: This consists of a downgraded heavy water storage facility, evaporation and cleanup system and distillation columns for heavy water upgradation.
  • 2. Waste management plant: This consists of liquid effluent segregation system, evaporation system, resin fixation and transfer system, laundry sytem, decontamination system and active drainage.
  • In addition to the various equipment required for the above systems, the package also include structures, piping and control and instrumentation for both plants

Construction details

Various materials including stainless steel and carbon steel are used for manufacturing the equipment, structures and piping. There are several large tanks including two 7.2 m diameter tanks for storage of downgraded heavy water. Various shell and tube type heat exchangers are made in stainless steel. Lead shielded casks are to be constructed for solid waste management system

Critical aspects

The most critical equipment in the package are the four distillation column assemblies. The stainless steel distillation columns are made in 14 sections, with a column sump at the bottom, and reboiler and reflux condenser. Total height of the columns is around 54m, and verticality has to be maintained within 10mm over the 54m length. Crtitical welding processes like tri-junction welding of SS to CS have been developed for these columns. Another important aspect is the column internals which need to be fitted smoothly into the column sections