Platforms for Second Vehicle Assembly Building

  •    SHAR   (Satish Dhavan Space Centre)
  •      Shriharikota
  •      1 assembly consisting of 2 types of guide columns, 2 types of platforms, and associated sub-systems
  •     Space Division


In order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for satellite launches, the Indian Space Research organisation is gearing up to increase its rocket launch capabilities. Kay Bouvet Engineering has been awarded the contract for building the platforms for the second vehicle assembly building at Shriharikota, where the GSLV MkII and Mk-III rockets will be assembled.

The project consists of 74m high guide columns, with folding and singing platforms at 6 levels to enable access to diffirent parts of the vehicle. The platforms are vertically repositionable to meet the requirements for assembly of both GLSV mk II and Mk III vehicles. Associated hydraulic systems and control and instrumentation systems for movement of the platforms are also being supplied by Kay Bouvet Engineering.

Construction details

Materials: IS 2062

Key Dimensions: 74 meters high columns

Total Weight: 3500 Tonnes

Critical aspects

  • After erection, verticality of guide columns over 74m has to be maintained within 2mm. Manufacturing planning for this large scale project was done keeping in mind the erection sequence.
  • Handling of heavy columns and platforms was done in our specialized SPD workshop which has 200 T handling capacity