Fueling Machine Service Cart

  •    NPCIL
  •    Rajashthan 7&8 / & Kakarapara 3&4
  •    12
  •    2016
  •    Nuclear Division


The Fueling Machine Service Cart is a motorised cart with a lift table used to lower or raise the fuelling machine head. It is operated remotely inside the reactor vault. FM Service Cart carries the fueling machine head from the bridge and carriage assembly to the servicing area. Top platform can be extended or retracted to adjust the height of the fueling machine as required for servicing.

It can carry a load up to 12 Tonnes. It has fully motorised control, and is capable of steering upto 6.5m radius

Construction details

  • Material: Cart: IS 2062 ; Wheels: Poly Urethane Rubber
  • Dimensions: Height-2350 mm (Retracted condition) to 4500 mm (Extended Position)

Critical aspects

Design carried out at Kay Bouvet with the following key parameters:

  • FM Service Cart is capable of negotiating a gradient of 1:100.
  • Braking system to enable stopping within 30mm
  • 3 different levels for top platform to enable access to fueling machine at different levels
  • Remotely controlled operation
  • Testing – Up & down Movement at 16.5 Tonnes