Loading & Handling System

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A submarine mounted system used to install / remove missile canisters into a 10 m deep hole in the complex housing of a submarine.

The structure consists of a fixed platform, rotating platform, receiver arms, slewing bearing, indexing and locking system, shock absorbers etc. There is a separate handling system for gripping and lowering/raising of the missile. In addition to the structure, there are hydraulic and control systems for controlling the operation with specific interlocks.

Entire design, analysis, fabrication, machining and integration of hydraulic and control systems was successfully carried out in house.

Construction details


  • Plate: SA 517 Gr F
  • Forgings: SA 592 Gr F

Critical aspects

  • Design of system for different static and dynamic loads was carried out and validated using finite element analysis.
  • Pads of base anchor were levelled within a flatness accuracy of 0.05mm using optical level.
  • Alignment test carried out using optical laser tracker.