Metallic Cannisters

  •    R&DE
  •      Dighi
  •      5 sets
  •     Defence Division


A Metallic Canister is a pressure vessel used for storing, transporting, handling and loading of a missile. It is designed to withstand high internal pressures.

It consists of:

  • Taper shell assembly
  • Cylindrical shell assemblies
  • Dome assembl

All of this components are bolted together to form the final canister.

Construction details

Materials:The canisters were manufactured using high tensile strength materials:

  • Plate: SA 517 GrF
  • Forgings: SA592 GrF


  • Overall height: 10 meters
  • Internal Diameter 1460mm
  • Shell thickness 8-10 mm

Critical aspects

  • The tolerance on internal diameter was successfully maintained within 1460mm +0.5 -0.0 mm.
  • Ovality of the assembly in free condition was achieved within 2mm.
  • Pressure test on the entire assembly was also carried out successfully at the required pressure.