Antenna Mechanical Vehicle

  •    LRDE (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment)
  •      Bangalore
  •      1 set consisting of antenna main frame, turntable with slewing bearing, pedestal unit, control unit cabin and maintenance ramp
  •     Defence Division


The Antenna Mechanical Vehicle consists of an antenna main frame, which houses the electronics and processors for the radar, along with coolant pipe assembly to dissipate the heat generated by the electronics.

The main frame was mounted on a a turn table using a slewing bearings, which enabled the antenna to rotate upto 330 degrees and tilt back upto 70 degrees. This gave the antenna an extremely wide detection range, enabling it to detect incoming missiles and also send a corresponding signal to Indian missiles to intercept the hostile missiles mid-air.

This system was developed in collaboration with the Israeli Aerospace Company (ELTA)

Construction details

Dimensions:12.5 m x 4.5 m x 650 mm

Total Weight: 12 Tonnes

Critical aspects

  • Flatness of antenna frame was achieved within 0.1 mm
  • Required rotational and tilting accuracy was achieved