Complimentary Shielding for IHX

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In a PFBR, there are many openings in the top shield for components passing through the top shield into the reactor vessel.

To reduce the dose rate due to streaming through the annular openings between the components and their openings in the top shield within the allowable limit, complimentary shielding is provided.

The complimentary shielding is installed around the Intermediate Heat Exchanger (IHX) to limit the dose rate above the top shield in the Reactor Containment Building (RCB) is manufactured using carbon steel casting.

Construction details

Material: IS 1030 Gr 200 - 400W

Dimensions: Dia 3.2m ; Height 5.5m

Total Weight: 250 Tonnes

Critical aspects

  • Accurate machining to ensure proper sealing of opening in top shield platform