Air Locks (Emergency, Material, Personnel)

  •    BHAVINI
  •      Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
  •      6
  •     Nuclear Division


Airlock doors provide airtight joints that prevent the leakage of air from Reactor Containment Building (RCB) to the outside atmosphere.

There are three main types of air locks:

  1. Material Airlock (MAL) doors
  2. Personnel Airlock (PAL) doors along with Airlock Tube
  3. Emergency Airlock (EAL) doors along with Airlock Tube

Each of the above stated doors are 2 in Nos. (6 in total), one at the entry outside the airlock chamber and one at the entry from the airlock chamber into the RCB. These are interlocked in such a way that only one door can operate at a time & each door can be operated only when the other is in closed condition.

Construction details

Material: IS2062

Critical aspects

  • Maximum Leak did not exceed the allowable limit of 1.5% in one day when internally pressurized to 30KPa to simulate accident conditions
  • Designed to meet Seismic Category-1 and Safety Class-2 requirements.