Carriage in Main Air Lock (MAL)

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The Carriage in Main Air Lock (MAL) is used for transportation of components and multipurpose support frame which supports large components from outside Nuclear Island Connected Buildings (NICB) to Reactor Containment Building (RCB) and viceversa.

It travels on a rail track having a span of 4 m and a total length of 85m. Top surface of the rails are flush with FFL at elevation 30 m.

Tilting Manipulators are used to potion carriage in RCB during titling operation. Support arrangements are provided for components which are to be transported in vertical condition.

Construction details

Material: IS2062

Dimensions: Length 20m ; Width 5m ; Height 3m

Total Weight: 375 Tonnes

Critical aspects

  • Accurate machining of guide rollers and proper alignment of guide rails was essential to ensure smooth movement of MAL
  • All control panels , motors and other drive mechanisms had to be seismically qualified