Fuel Transfer Cell Vessels

  •    BHAVINI
  •      Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
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  •     Nuclear Division


Vessels in FTC are used for storage of fuel assemblies and absorber assemblies. The vessels are closed with shielded plugs.

There are 2 types of vessels:

  1. FTC Vessels with heater
  2. FTC Vessels without heater

Performance Test:

  • Vessels were supported on temporary support structure
  • Dummy fuel sub assembly was inserted in vessels & removed, this action was repeated 10 times for each vessel. Dummy fuel subassembly was found to rest properly on its support. No scoring marks were found on surfaces and the movement was perfectly smooth.
  • Plug gauge was inserted in each vessel for checking the concentricity & it was found to be satisfactory.

Construction details

Material: SS 304L

Dimensions: Dia. 0.3m ; Length 8m ; Thickness 10mm

Critical aspects

Main critical parameter for these vessels is concentricity. It is required within 0.5mm through 8 meter length

Helium Leak Testing was successful at:

  • Test Pressure: 1.7 Kg/cm2
  • Acceptance criteria for local leak rate: 1.0 X 10-6 mbar.lit/sec
  • Acceptance criteria for global leak rate: 1.0 X 10-5 mbar.lit/sec.