Process House Equipment

More than 40 years supplying efficient and innovative process house equipment to the sugar industry worldwide.


During the last decades we have introduced numerous innovations in the Indian market to make our process houses the most efficient in the market. Nowadays, we supply our customers the latest technology in the clarification house and the evaporation & boiling house.

Experience - Process House

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Complete Boiling House EPC Project

During the last decades we have completed over 20 complete boiling house EPC projects for our clients worldwide. This projects require a great degree of precision in manufacturing in order to optimize the usage of steam, one of the key areas of improvement for most sugar plants.

Moreover, we offer complete DCS Automation equipment to monitor & the functioning of the boiling house.

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Clarification House

Being the first step of the process house, the clarification house must be efficient to provide a stable juice flow. We provide our customers with the latest innovations in the following equipment:

  • Juice heaters
  • Juice defecators
  • Short Retention Juice Clarifiers for an increased efficiency
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Evaporation & Boiling House

In the evaporation & boiling house the steam efficiency of the equipment is critical to achieve an efficient process. Our machinery incorporates technologies that enable us to achieve the highest steam efficiencies in the industry:

  • Evaporators manufactured with high grade materials for maximum steam efficiency
  • Continuous Vacuum Pans for maximum steam efficiency
  • Vertical or Horizontal Crystallizers
  • Centrifugal machines
  • Rotary Vacuum Filters
  • Fluidized Bed Sugar Dryers
  • Sugar grading, weighing & bagging machinery