Co-Generation Power Plants

Efficient & environmentally friendly power solutions for the sugar industry


During the last 20 years we have joined hands with leading companies in India & and around the world to provide our clients the highest quality co-generation power plants. During this period, we have executed numerous projects in the Indian subcontinent & around the world.

Co-Generation power plants are fueled by the by-products of the sugar manufacturing process and generate electricity both for the sugar plant and the region around them, resulting in an efficient and economical biomass based source of energy.

Recent EPC Co-Generation projects

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All our co-generation plants are provided with the latest technology in boilers, turbines & automation equipment.

This is a list of the recent co-generation projects executed for our clients worldwide:

  • Rana Sugars Unit Buttar Sevian: 34 MW - 120TPH & 50TPH Boilers
  • Rana Sugars Unit Moradabad: 29 MW - 120TPH Boiler
  • Rana Sugars Unit Billari: 27 MW - 130TPH Boiler
  • Rana Sugars Unit Shahabad: 27 MW - 120TPH Boiler
  • Rana Sugars Unit Unn: 33MW - 150TPH Boiler
  • Vijay Sugar: 12.5 MW - 75TPH Boiler
  • GM Sugar: 12 MW - 80TPH Boiler
  • KPPL: 6MW - 35TPH Boiler
  • Mashkour Sugars, Sudan: 44 MW - 120 TPH Boilers (2 Nos.) (Under execution)