Milling House Equipment

More than 40 years providing high technology mills to the sugar industry worldwide.


Our milling house equipment for up to 30000TCD sugar plants is manufactured with the best materials and the highest precision in the industry, thanks to our extensive experience in high precision jobs for specialized industries.

Experience - Milling House

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Complete Milling House EPC Project

During the last decades we have completed over 15 complete milling house EPC projects for our clients worldwide. This projects require a great degree of precision in manufacturing in order to optimize the crushing of tons of sugar cane per hour, one of the key areas of improvement for most sugar plants.

Moreover, we offer complete DCS Automation equipment to monitor & the functioning of the milling house, for example by adjusting the feed rate to the mills.

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Cane Preparatory Equipment

An optimal operation requires preparatory devices to enable an efficient crushing of the cane. We specialize in manufacturing the latest technology in the following equipment:

  • Cane unloaders of any size
  • Feed tables
  • Cane carriers
  • Cane Cutters, Levellers & Fibrizors/Shredders with Swing Hammer Type for reduced energy usage.
  • Rotary type juice screen for increased efficiency in processing
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After preparation, the cane falls to the milling house, where it will be crushed by the mills. During the last decades we have manufactured a great number of mills including feeding devices for their operation. This is a list of our equipment:

  • 6 Roller Mills up to 100" (2540mm) wide
  • Feeding devices:

    • Donelly Chutes in high grade materials to improve efficiency
    • Grooved under feed roller
  • Complete Mill Automation through DCS that will be automatically coordinated with the required juice flow to the process house