Expansion / Modernization Projects

Decades of experience expanding & modernizing sugar plants for a big scale and efficient operation.


Expansion and modernization projects are critical for the sugar plants to become more economic & competitive in the market. Our team has years of experience assessing sugar machinery in order to offer each of our customers the best solution for their expansion or modernization process.

Project Example - Major Expansion for Bajaj Hindustan


Project Duration


Number of Plants


Milling House
on Turnkey Basis


Boiling House
on Turnkey Basis

Bajaj Hindustan expanded rapidly during the last decade, helped in part by the precise & timely execution of this major modernization & expansion project completed by Kay Bouvet Engineering at the end of the last decade.

In only 12 months Kay Bouvet Engineering was able to manufacture 2 complete boiling houses (up to 10,000TCD) on a turnkey basis , 1 milling house (7500 TCD) on a turnkey basis, and 3 major expansions of milling & boiling houses from 3000 to 6000 TCD on a turnkey basis.

We understand the importance of commissioning projects in time for the next season to take the maximum performance of the machinery, and we always fulfill our customers expectations, irrelevant of the project size.

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