Distillery Plants

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Bio-fuels are already a large part of total fuel consumption worldwide and their demand has been continuously increasing. Some reports estimate that bio-fuels will represent 27% of world transportation fuel by 2050.

The leading country in Bio-Ethanol technology is Brazil, where companies like Reunion Engineering have many decades of experience in this technology, providing the latest advancements to their global partners.

For the last decade, Kay Bouvet Engineering has been allied with Reunion Brazil Engineering, to develop the highest quality distilleries tailored to our clients requirements.

Kay Bouvet Engineering Ltd. has both the technology & the manufacturing capabilities to manufacture & commission all types of distilleries for our clients around the world, customized to their specific requirements

Our Competitive Advantage

Technological Excellence

Kay Bouvet Engineering has joined hands with Reunion Brazil Engineering to install the latest ethanol distillery technology available in the market to our clients worldwide.

Since 1993, Reunion Brazil Engineering has focused on the design & implementation of industrial projects, process optimization & training. During this period, it has completed more than 600 projects, most of them in the ethanol & alcohol industry.

Broad Project Experience

Kay Bouvet also has experience in the installation of Ethanol plants internationally.

List of our recent commissioned projects:

  • 150,000 Liters/Day Distillery Unit - Destileria Bago, Brazil
  • 600,000 Liters/Day Distillery Unit - Brazil

High grade manufacturing capabilities

Our distillery plants projects are normally part of turnkey sugar plant projects. Kay Bouvet Engineering has the capacity to manufacture sugar plants on a turnkey basis of up to 30,000TCD (tons crushed per day).

With over 40,000m2 of workshop, 3 manufacturing units, and single piece handling capacity of up to 200 Tons, our workshops are up to the task of producing some of the biggest equipment in the industry.

It is not only in size that our workshop excels, but also in precision. We own the latest machinery imported from Europe's best machine producers, mainly from Germany. It is thanks to this machinery and our specialized team of engineers operating them that we are able to manufacture specialized equipment to the requirements of our esteemed clients.

International qualifications & standards

We have received numerous international certifications that qualify us for the manufacturing of specialized equipment:

  • ASME U & R Stamp
  • AS9100D
  • ISO Certification 9001:2015

We are also part of the selected groud companies in India qualified by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) for the execution of complete sugar plants on a turnkey basis.

Moreover, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) has recently qualified us as an EPC contractor for the supply of a Waste Management & Heavy Water Upgradation plant, an achievement that highlights not only our high grade manufacturing capabilities but also our management excellence, a prerequisite for such a large scale project.