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Our team of engineers has several years of experience in designing high quality systems using the latest design & analysis tools. WWe are well equipped with the latest software for 3D CAD modelling, 2D drafting, pressure vessel design, finite element analysis and piping design.

During the last years, our team has been involved in design and analysis of various projects like:

In order to tackle the most challenging projects, our designers are well versed with international codes and standards for design, including ASME TEMA and IS standards, amongst other international codes. They are experienced in a wide range of design activites ranging from static equipment design to response spectrum analysis for seismic safety. With each new project, we develop new skills, and are constantly looking for challenging and innovative design problems to solve.

Our specialized sugar division design team has designed numerous sugar plants with a capacity upto 30,000 TCD, including heat exchangers, pressure vessels, milling stations, handling equipment, piping, structures and foundations.

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