Corporate Social Responsibility

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Kay Bouvet Engineering Ltd. believes in achieving a healthy balance with the society around it. This could only be possible by promoting environmentally friendly values to all our staff and sharing our resources with some of the most needed parts of society

Saarth Sanmaan

Saarth Sanmaan believes in providing holistic rehabilitation to patients by means of vocational therapy. Complete recovery is achieved by helping patients:

  • Integrate as fully functioning members of society
  • Restore their self-confidence through meaningful work
  • Establish their self-dependence

These artists produce hand-made paper bags that are environmentally friendly and extremely high-quality. If you would like to learn more about Saarth Sanmaan and contribute to their mission, head to:

Kay Bouvet Engineering Ltd. has been collaborating during the last years with Saarth Sanmaan by providing consulting services in different areas and providing hundreds of volunteering hours to their organization.